Medical Equipment

Providian medical equipment LLC, is a full-service sales and services company specializing in reconditioned medical equipment.


With the Mobile MRI unit, we help physicians reach as many patients as they can for the treatment. It allows you to perform mobile imaging anywhere you require, outside your facility. This unit is designed for helping communities and conducting MRIs outside of the conventional medical room. For example, this mobile MRI unit allows you to test a large number of people at senior care. You can customize the mobile MRI unit according to your facility’s needs. Not only does the vehicle house an MRI machine, but it also offers space to people conducting tests and analyzing results in computers. You can install any equipment that makes your treatment easier in remote areas in this mobile MRI unit.

Prime MedCare can help you and your practice reach as many patients as possible. By obtaining a Mobile MRI unit, you and your facility have the ability to perform mobile imaging anywhere that you see fit. Mobile MRIs are perfect for the facility looking to help the community. Want to test a large number of patients at a senior care center? Want to provide one of your remote offices with an MRI day? Do you need to perform tests at a health clinic? If so, then the Mobile MRI system is your solution.

The Mobile MRI vehicle can be customized to not only house an MRI, but also can provide workspace for employees to review test results and enter the patient’s information into the computer system. Customization of the Mobile MRI vehicle is available to meet your specifications and the needs of your facility, allowing you to install whatever equipment your facility needs.


The mobile emergency room provides necessary care to people in different areas devastated by disease, natural disasters, and more. The unit can be customized according to the requirements, and we bring this unit to help you serve patients meeting their health needs. With this vehicle, you can provide emergency medical assistance to remote areas also. We try to bridge the gap between health care facilities and patients by offering medical facilities outside of hospitals and other conventional medical care places. The vehicle will provide you all the necessary equipment to conduct the treatment in different locality and serve small and large groups of people.

Prime MedCare can help you and your organization add Mobile Emergency Rooms to your facility’s fleet of vehicles.

These vehicles can be customized to meet you and your organization’s specifications. These units are perfect for providing Emergency Medical Assistance to areas that have been hampered by disease, natural disasters or some other conflict. It allows for an organization to provide Emergency Care to small or large amounts of patients to remove the conflicts of travel associated with traditional Emergency Rooms.


You will get full-scale medical imaging equipment for your facility and physician needs. Meeting the FDA medical equipment standard, we ensure the safety and quality of the equipment that will offer the best help in the treatment. Having a wide product line, including X-ray machines, CT-scan, MRI Machines, and more, we serve medical facilities to enhance their treatment approaches.


  • X-Ray Machines
  • CT Scans
  • MRI Machines
  • Bone Densitometers
  • C-Arms
  • Nuclear Medicine Cameras
  • Mammography Machines
  • Ultrasound and SonogramMachines

Other Medical Services

Every necessary surgical product must be available in your operating room while conducting a surgery. We take the responsibility to keep everything within your reach, which helps you dedicatedly perform your operations. You will get a complete solution from us for obtaining all required surgical products, from tables and trays to disposable bins. Maintaining superior quality, we deliver products that will meet your all needs.