Speciality Equipment


Is your Optometry office in need of equipment to test a patient’s eyes, such as autorefractors, corneal pachymeters or lenses? What about equipment for your office such as patient chairs and trays? Then there’s no need to look any further. Prime MedCare offers quality equipment that will meet and exceed the standards sought by your facility.


From High Definition Panoroamic X-Rays, traditional X-Rays and dental chairs to saliva ejectors, mouth mirrors, explorers, scalers and drills, Prime MedCare can provide your facility with all of the tools that a dentist, dental hygienist and dental assistant will need.


Once used, a syringe, gloves, gauze, tape, bandages and many other items may not be used again for any reason. This leads to medical facilities demanding high quantities of these products, due to their disposable nature. At Prime MedCare, we have the supply to meet your facility’s demands, and in a wide range of sizes and varieties.


Equipment and products are needed in a patient’s room, just as importantly as they are in the rest of the medical facility. Prime MedCare has all of the Patient Room essentials you need, including gowns, waste bins, tubes, monitors and anything else you can think of. Prime MedCare can provide your facility with all of the equipment that you need!

Other Medical Services

Every necessary surgical product must be available in your operating room while conducting a surgery. We take the responsibility to keep everything within your reach, which helps you dedicatedly perform your operations. You will get a complete solution from us for obtaining all required surgical products, from tables and trays to disposable bins. Maintaining superior quality, we deliver products that will meet your all needs.