Things You Should Know About Surgical Products

Things You Should Know About Surgical Products

Surgical instruments are wide in numbers, and they have a different use also. Read on to know more about them.

Things You Should Know About Surgical Products

Surgical instruments are wide in numbers because there are different types of surgeries operated in an operation theatre. Knowing surgical products will help junior doctors get more information about surgeries. Covering everything in one article is tough. So, we divide things into parts. Here, you will get knowledge about the surgical instruments used for basic operations. Read on to learn more.  Depending on the most common use of instruments, we cover a few things that you must be aware of. If your facility needs the best quality surgical products, Mr Waleed Alabsi will meet your demands. He is the founder of the Alabsi Group that takes care of business queries across the globe.

Surgeons most commonly use some important instruments, and they are:

Dissecting forceps:

It is one of the most common instruments you will find in an operating room. These instruments look like a pair of tweezers and come in different varieties and shapes. They are used for grasping and manipulating tissues. You can use these instruments as your fingers and thumbs, and the tips of the forceps may come with or without a tooth. 

Hinged forceps:

The surgical instrument looks like a scissor, but it has a completely different purpose than a scissor. The two blades here work as arms to press things together instead of cutting things. It will also have different sizes and shapes, meeting the surgical requirement. 


They have a similar design to hinged forceps and are used for blocking blood vessels. Depending on the use, clamps can be of different varieties. Atraumatic clamps that are used on the bowel are for crushing tissues. 


They are important surgical instruments, and they are uncomplicated also. It is used for checking the anatomy of exploring sinus track.

Handheld retractors:

It is a versatile instrument that needs manipulation by an assistant. This instrument has three main parts:

  1. A handle that the assistant holds.
  2. A blade is put into the patients.
  3. A shaft in between.

The blades have different shapes, including hooks, teeth, right angles, and curves. 


Scissors are very common in an operation theatre. Surgical scissors are different from the ones that you commonly have. Even surgical scissors also have many types, depending on the needs of operations. Suture scissors are straight, while fine dissecting scissors have a slight cut. Remember that surgical scissors are right-handed instruments.


It is one of the surgical instruments that cut tissues. It is an energy device and has both cutting and coagulation properties. The instrument comes in two main variety bipolar and monopolar.

So these are some common surgical instruments. The Alabsi Group, founded by Mr.Waleed Alabsi, offers instruments in full-scale, which helps your facility get everything in one place. If you need any information, you can contact us. We have a wide product line for your medical center, especially for your operation theatre. Please contact us for more details.

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